Since inception, pebble {code} has strived to create an environment in which the best designers, developers and creative technologists can thrive. Running regular hack days, encouraging technology exploration, giving time for personal development and having a results only work culture has meant that we attract and retain the best talent.


We’re passionate about crafting outstanding software. We put top notch people into small, dynamic teams, give them the best tools and encourage maximum collaboration in our stimulating and spacious work environment, and we find that’s how to make big things happen.We are signatories to the Software Craftsmanship Manifesto and believe in contributing to, not just consuming open source projects. We are strong advocates for the Agile Development methodology and believe passionately in Human-Centred Design and Test Driven Development. Our staff are polyglots with expertise in Microsoft and Open Source technologies, choosing application stacks based on the technical challenges presented to us.


As advocates of Kaizen, our staff are empowered to continuously improve everything that we do, from client delivery to coffee selection!


Everyone in the company benefits from 10% time to work on what they are passionate about, have additional days off for volunteering, is encouraged to go to events and conferences and is empowered to help make pebble a great place to work.We’re always up for exploring new technologies, whether it be software or hardware through regular internal hack days. We embrace a start up culture and are light on management layers, favouring team responsibility and autonomy.