3 Best Secure Internet Browsers for 2019

secureWith more and more businesses transitioning to the digital sphere, online security has become more important than ever. But how can you protect your data? Well, one of the simplest steps to take is to download an internet browser that prioritizes user safety — and here are the best of them.

1) Google Chrome

This web browser might be infamous for eating up PC’s memory, but this mainstream browser does value your privacy. Available on multiple platforms such as Windows and iOS, Google Chrome is built on the open-source Chromium project.

One proof of its cybersecurity excellence is when it didn’t suffer from any hacking attempts during the Pwn2Own hacking contest. Chrome was hack-free for two years unlike other popular web browsers such as Microsoft Edge and Safari.

And while you should consider getting the best free VPN extension for Chrome to double down on your digital privacy, you’ll be glad to know that Google automatically scans the websites you want to visit. Thus, it can alert you whether a website contains malware or if it’s being used for phishing.

There’s still a lot of room for improvement for Google Chrome. But even now, we can commend it not only for its incognito browsing feature but also for how it keeps individual tabs away from each other. This means that any tab you open cannot meddle with valuable user files.

2) Epic Privacy Browser

Just like Google Chrome, the Epic Privacy Browser is a product of Chromium. But what sets them apart is just how strict Epic is when it comes to security. They have more than a million users now but that would further increase if they weren’t limited to Mac and PC.

With Epic, you don’t have to change the default settings to make it secure. It does not record your history or web-cache. It doesn’t offer spell-check and autofill, but that means they aren’t storing any information about your browsing activities.

Epic also offers an encrypted proxy with just one click. This stops your ISP from tracking your online activity by hiding your real IP address. Likewise, the proxy helps protect you from governments and companies that collect data for profit.

Even if you connect to a public network, your online privacy is safe with the proxy. The same feature also gives you access to geo-restricted content from the likes of Netflix and Spotify. And lastly, Epic effectively blocks annoying ads, trackers, and crypto-mining attempts.

3) Tor Browser

Its appearance might not be as impressive as Google Chrome and Epic Privacy Browser, but Tor remains an effective tool against cyber attacks. This browser encrypts your data multiple times so that the website you’re accessing doesn’t know your actual IP address.

How? Tor uses its volunteer-run Tor network to relay the data around several layers, which is why the network is also known as an onion router. Journalists and anyone who fear for their safety from tyrannical governments can use this to do their job.

These three web browsers prove that you can still access the internet without compromising your privacy. Google Chrome might not be as strict as Tor and Epic, but it’s still your best among all the popular browsers.